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Embodiment Practice

Hey folks, so i led a (largely silent) 45-minute qi gong practice yesterday, a continuation of our sit, as we mindfully transitioned into the day. Releasing, refreshing, flowing, playing with and processing energy (emotional and physical) through and beyond the body. It can also be helpful for practicing a meditation technique in daily life, in a slightly more challenging circumstance.
: D

It was really lovely, and i’d like to do this on the regular, once every week or two, as part of the chanting + sitting morning livestream.

Details to come soon. : )

Yess man, I’d really like that. This was the first time I ever really did Qi Gong, and I KNEW there was a reason I really wanted to try it. I really enjoyed that. Thank you. I would absolutely join if you hosted those again online, in person, whenever, wherever.

Now I know what Bruce Lee meant when he said, ‘Be like water’ :pray: :sweat_smile:

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