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Personal Willow Experience

Share your Willow stories! This thread is about experiences we’ve have had here. So much goes on at Willow – I know I’ve created so many memories over the months. This would be a nice space to remember them, like a community journal. It will be nice to read what other’s experiences have been like, and to share some of my own :love_letter:

Odd as it may sound, one of my primary drivers when I first heard of Willow was the desire to shape my state at will. I had a fancy made up name for a set of techniques I was developing - mental ninjutsu. What’s most interesting about this feature of my story is not that Willow has given me the space to delve into my experiene and hone this marvel, nor that I’ve come to find that Buddhists have been understanding and moulding the essence of their experience for over two millenia. Nope. What’s most interesting is this: that living in a community committed to living in integrity has revived in me a fuller and more consistent depth of leaning into what is - such that it no longer seems quite so pressing to learn to transform it in the first place.