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Visiting Willow? What to know before arrival

This is a topic that is discussed at length with guests and our guest-services manager, but I know some people would like to have a resource to reference or to read absorb this info at their own pace. When guests arrive, there is a brief ‘on-boarding’ process, and it can be a lot of information to take in in a short period of time. So, having this here will definitely be helpful to some :slight_smile:

Here’s a public link to check out some of the basics - I’ll upload a fuller orientation sometime soon. :slight_smile:

Oh - and here’s a packing list, beacause that’s asked for often:

Packing list:

  • Items important for your personal health
  • Hygiene items (ex: a toothbrush)
  • Alarm clock for waking up
  • A few changes of clothes for the Fall season
  • Comfortable clothes for long sits (~1.5hrs)
  • Your own sitting supplies (zafus/zabutons) (or just use ours)
  • Towel (or just use ours)
  • Unscented products (or just use ours if your stay is short)
  • Optional: a wristwatch for help with being on time
  • Optional: a yoga mat, especially for winter exercise indoors
  • Most important: your badass willingness to deepen your practice

What does the daily schedule look like?

Found it on the website under Training! For reference here it is:

6:25am Chant
7:00am Sit
8:00am Exercise
9:00am Eat + Clean
10:00am Work
2:00pm Eat
2:45pm Chores
3:00pm Free time
7:00pm Evening activity (variable)
8:30pm Sit
9:30pm Chant

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Maybe good to note here, we’re in ‘noble silence’ from 8:30pm to ~9:35am everyday.

That’s been a lovely part of the schedule. Not going to sleep or waking up checking my phone. I tried to do that outside of the monastic container, but failed. Now I do it everyday :grin: