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What do you like about Willow?

I think it’s would be a great pleasure to peek into the hearts and minds of Willow supporters in order to understand ourselves (and each other) better. With this mind, what draws you to Willow my friends? What inspires you? What compels you? What do we mean to you that you wish there was more of in the world?

oooo I could write an essay about this, my friend. So much!

A big deciding factor to come here was when I was listening to John Vervaeke talk about ‘autodidacts’ being susceptible to delusion. As someone who was largely self taught in philosophy spirituality, and has had many psychedelic experiences without the guidance of any living wisdom teachings or traditions, I felt like it was necessary to immerse myself in a space where I could train my mind.

I had already experienced the suffering and repercussions of my untrained mind for long enough. Then COVID hit, and I knew I had to do something. I was operating on the low-end of the spectrum of mindfulness, and not contributing to the world in the meaningful ways I knew were possible.

Being at Willow, I find that simply by virtue of being in the strict structure of an ancient wisdom tradition, I’m embodying ALL of the habits I know are good. Eating well, exercising everyday, talking about important topics with the people I live with, dealing with challenges as they arise, meditating for 2+ hours everyday.

I feel incredibly grateful to be in this space doing this work. I would love for this to be more available to the public and more well known. I think ‘wisdom teachings’ or ‘mystery schools’ as desperately needed in the modern world!

Happy to be here, and happier still to know that my being here and contributing to this space is helping to make it more available to others :slight_smile: